Here's where to get your flu shot


Here's where to get your flu shot

Flu season has arrived and Mayor Bill de Blasio is encouraging everybody to get their flu shot.

Most people don’t understand the dangers and risk of getting this notorious infection.

Building awareness for this ailment can lead to many people living healthier lifestyles during the fall and winter seasons.

Influenza or the common name of it, the flu, is an infection that targets the respiratory system that usually occurs during the fall and winter seasons.

The virus itself travels through the air when someone who is affected coughs, sneezes, or talks. It could affect someone directly or you can pick it up from touching an object.

The usual symptoms that occur once someone is affected are fever, severe headache, cough, sore throat, stuffy nose, body aches, chills, and fatigue.

If a person had the flu before or had a vaccination, antibodies may prevent the infection or lessen the symptoms.

Even if the antibodies help either lessen or prevent symptoms from occurring, there are still many people that are at risk to getting infected by the virus.

The most at risk of contracting the virus includes; young children, adults 50 years and older, pregnant women, residents of nursing homes and elderly residences, health care workers, and people with high-risk medical conditions.

The procedure to do once someone has the symptoms is to stay home for 24 hours for the fever to leave the system.

The infected person should also avoid contact with other people and stay away from public spaces.

They should also cover their nose and mouth when a cough or sneeze occurs and wash their hands often to avoid spreading the virus.

For information of receiving the flu shot follow this link :  

Chaz Monterroso

Chaz Monterroso