Case Files: Negligence at a top NYC hospital


Case Files: Negligence at a top NYC hospital

Each day in the MMAG office, our team works to secure you and your loved ones adequate, affordable healthcare.

Today our team are focusing on a case involving a lady in her 50s who has been diagnosed with a rare brain cancer. Born and raised in the US, at 36 years of age she moved to the Caribbean with her family.

Last November her daughters realized that something was amiss with their mom when she became increasingly disorientated and would mix up her children's names.

A brain scan revealed their worst fears.

After an emergency surgery to reduce the size of the tumour, she travelled home to the US to receive specialist treatment and to avail of the one drug that can prolong her life.

The NYC-based hospital agreed the patient was a candidate for surgery, but required full payment of $106,000 prior to admission.

She remained in New York; and nine months later the tumour returned and a second surgery was medically necessary. Again, the hospital demanded $107,000 up-front before admission. She was also prescribed a revolutionary medicine with a price-tag of $10,000 every three weeks.

Following the second NY surgery; the client was resident in NY, disabled, and as a US-citizen and should have been financially screened.

At this point, she was eligible for Medicaid / charity care.

Despite this, the family have paid an eye-watering $348,000 out of pocket for three life-saving surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy in an 11-month period and are now struggling with debt. To exacerbate matters, one of her daughters is expecting a baby boy before Christmas.

Although the birth of a baby is always wonderful news, the financial and emotional strain of the pitter-patter of tiny feet as well as having an ailing mother has taken its toll on the family.

The hospital treated our client as a non-US citizen - even though she was born in DC and had lived in the US for almost four decades.

The hospital also did not give the family any information on Cancer Medicaid, charity care, and other financial assistance.

With her craniotomy stitches still fresh, she came in to see us at the MMAG office with her daughters. Their distress was palpable when they first entered our office, but after a consultation with our CEO Ginalisa Monterroso their fears were abated.

Leaving our office with a sense of security and their heads held high - the best part of our job is showing people that there is hope.

So, what can we do? Our team is going to advocate for the family as we recover as much of their funds as possible. We will also be applying for Medicaid to finance any ongoing procedures, doctors appointments, and medications our client may need in the coming months.

After struggling for almost a year and with thousands of dollars in debt on their shoulders, this family’s case shows that no matter how overwhelming a situation is - there is hope and there is help available to you.

We’re changing this family’s life - and we can change yours. No case is too big or too small; we’ll be with you every step of the way.

To schedule a free consultation, give our friendly Medicare and Medicaid experts a call on 646-745-9122. With us, you’re in safe hands.

Elaine Mc Callig

Elaine Mc Callig

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