5 tips for celebrating Senior Citizen Day with your older loved ones


5 tips for celebrating Senior Citizen Day with your older loved ones

Happy Senior Citizen Day!

Senior Citizen Day aims to raise awareness for the enormous contribution senior citizens have had on our communities. The day also calls attention to social, health, and economic issues facing older people.

Fancy doing something nice to celebrate? Here's five great ideas for what to do today with your older loved ones.

(1) The small things really are appreciated.

The little things really do make a huge difference, and something as small as swinging by and having a cup of tea and a chat is a lovely, simple way to celebrate Senior Citizen Day.

Bonus points if you stop by with a library book from their favorite genre, or cupcakes if you’re feeling extra sweet!

If mom/grandma enjoys being pampered, bring a couple of your most vibrant nail polishes or whip up a gentle, homemade facemask out of 3 tablespoons of oatmeal, 1 tablespoon of hot water, and 1 tablespoon of honey (super easy and super nourishing)!

(2) Play their favorite board games

In an age when almost all games are played by swiping or tapping on a phone or tablet, it feels great to go back to basics and bust out the Monopoly set.

Snakes and Ladders, Scrabble, Clue, Go Fish - the list is endless. For those with arthritis in their hands and difficulty seeing, large dominos and verbal games such as Boggle and Name That Tune are also bound to get the giggles going.

(3) Make a collage

Before we could store everything on our phones and computers, photos may be stored in the attic, at the back of drawers, or in old biscuit tins!

A more hands-on way to celebrate Senior Citizens Day is to make a collage of old photographs, or arrange them in a nice album.

You can also arrange them in cute photo frames.

If the pictures are precious, make sure to scan them first and print out copies. Keep the originals in a photo album and get creative with the copies!

If your loved one isn’t interested in arts and crafts, even just looking at the old photos and talking about each person photographed is always fascinating.

(4) Put together a Self Care Kit

This thoughtful little gift is easy to make and is sure to make your loved one’s day. To keep your head healthy and happy, it’s super important to do nice little things for yourself, whether that’s taking yourself to the movies or just lighting a scented candle in the evenings.

A Self Care Kit full of treats for your loved one might include their favorite candy, a scented hand lotion, stress ball, lavender oil, a journal and pens, and even a mindfulness coloring book!

(5) Make a family tree

If you haven’t already, you should ask your older loved one about your family’s history. Unfortunately as we get older we get more forgetful, so if your loved one is still able to recount tales of long ago - listen up, you might learn something interesting about your lineage!

From all at MMAG, we hope you have a wonderful day!

How are you celebrating? We’d love to hear your plans in the comments below.

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